Avoiding Ground Rent Scandals – Landlords

Having a piece of land lying bare and unutilized brings no income to any landowner. It is for this reason why many owners opt to rent out their pieces of land in order for it to generate some income and also to prevent it from being grabbed. However, renting out any piece of land comes with its own challenges some of which include a ground rent scandal. This challenge can at times prove difficult to handle and knowing how not to get into is very important for any landlord.

How to Avoid Rent Scandals

In order for a landlord to avoid getting into rent scandals with their tenants. It is important to consider the following factors.

  1. Draw a contract
  2. Not only should you have a contract drawn but have the tenant sign it too. Contracts come in handy cases of any land disputes or troubles with the lease. Signed contracts also restrict the tenant from breaching it because of the penalties and legal action that might be incurred in a legal contract.

  3. Do A Background Check
  4. Knowing the criminal background of an incoming be tenant helps to ward off con artists or any clients who have had previous issues with the law or with other landowners. It is important to rent out land to someone you can trust.

  5. Ask for a deposit
  6. Another way to avoid a ground rent scandal is to ask for a rent deposit. Landowners ask for either a 1 month or a 2 months deposit that is equal to the agreed rent paid in advance at the commencement of the contract. Deposits act as security just in case a tenant defaults their payment.

Avoiding rent scandals will not only give a landlord peace of mind but will also ensure a good landlord and tenant relationship.